About Us





The Avenues Clinic is situated on the corner of Baines Avenue and Mazowe Street, close to both the Medical Centre and Medical Chambers and other health care facilities Vision To be recognized as the center of excellence for acute healthcare delivery in Zimbabwe and the Central African region.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to provide critical healthcare to all our clients.

We Value

Honesty, integrity, good ethics, and transparency A total professional approach in all our dealings Developing and empowering our staff through continuous education and training.

Quality Policy

We pledge to provide quality services and products to our patients, doctors, employees and other stakeholders through: - Promoting effective, preventive and curative health, safety and wellness standards in the organization; Complying with relevant legislation, international standards of best practice, ISO 9001 and other applicable requirements; Deploying resources to generate income for sustainable and profitable business growth; Continuously developing and retaining staff to enable us to achieve effective health care delivery; Continually reviewing and revising objectives and procedures required for effective QMS; Continually improving the QMS by ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of products and services are determined and addressed; Communicating the Quality Policy and other relevant policies throughout the organization and to all our relevant interested parties.

AC 17                                     Revision No.: 4                                 Revised 14 June 2017


About The Hospital

Each of the elegantly appointed rooms is equipped with key amenities such as an en suite bathroom and telephone facilities which are charged for. Each room is wired for television reception Avenues Clinic can accommodate up to 176 patients. The level of service in every department complies with national and international standards.

This multidisciplinary hospital offers a range of specialist services, modern facilities, high-tech equipment, outstanding nursing care and a top quality service approach. Avenues Clinic offers local, national and international patients a broad spectrum of professional medical services, including: Professional consultations by highly qualified medical specialists in a wide range of medical disciplines within well-equipped consulting rooms Quality medical care in comfortable units staffed by highly trained, professional and compassionate nursing, medical and other personnel Well-equipped operating theatres staffed by highly trained and professional nursing, medical and other personnel Specialized medical units and special clinics offering world class private health care services Patient and family support services available when needed. By remaining true to the Avenues Clinic group's theme of "Managing Excellence in healthcare services", Avenues Clinic is ideally suited to provide quality private health care to both the Zimbabwean and international community.