Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospital is constantly updating measures put in place to safeguard patients, staff and any visitors accordingly. We urge you to continuously check with us for any updates. In line with these updates, the hospital has eased the restrictions on visiting hours by lifting the suspension previously placed on visiting hours. Patients can now receive one visitor per day for 30 minutes. Please refer to the visiting hours page for the schedule. The hospital also advises that we now have a Persons Under Investigations (PUI) isolation ward within the premises. The ward will ensure improved patient management regardless of Covid-19 status.


The Chemotherapy unit of the Avenues Clinic is housed at St. Clements, one of its sister hospitals. It is located on 57 Baines Avenue and is available for cancer patients any time day or night.

It is a 7 bedded unit comprising of a locker, mobile drip stand and a cardiac table at each bed side. The beds are partioned by curtains for privacy.

The unit is run by three (3) oncologists and is equipped with resuscitative equipment and competent staff in case of emergency. We also have, on duty, very competent pharmacists who prepare the chemotherapy drugs on laminar flow.

The unit’s close proximity to the medical laboratory and radiology centers makes it convenient for the staff to take samples and send for results while you wait.

Our clients can choose from a varied and high quality menu

A big well maintained generator is always on standby in case of power outages.

There is also a functioning borehole to ensure constant provision of clean water. Ample and secure parking will ensure that your vehicle is safely being looked after while you receive treatment.

Our chemotherapy unit is the best there is so far in the country and we continue to strive to provide high quality nursing care that exceeds customers’ expectations.


Visiting Hours

The Hospital Management is pleased to advise that restrictions on visiting hours have been eased effective 22 September 2020. Please note that we are now allowing patients to receive visitors as per the below visiting hours schedule:

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