General Services

The Services Department is the engine of the hospital, running the day to day operations which make possible the following:

Theater Operations by supplying the linen which is worn by surgeons and staff

Patient and staff nutrition

Laundry service

Catering service

The housekeeping and The gardens provide a unique hotel experience, in a setting where care of the individual patient takes center stage. The well combed gardens at each of the Clinics i.e. The Avenues, St. Clements and Montague, provide a relaxing atmosphere to the surroundings. The department which includes laundry, catering and housekeeping sections, boasts a staff complement of 120 dedicated workers and is currently headed by a clinically trained nurse.

Services Department sections: Catering: The canteen serves 600-700 meals per day to staff and patients. 3-Course meals are provided with special attention to the nutritional requirements of the sick A dietician assists the catering department on consultancy basis Room is provided to clients who ask for specific meals outside the provided menu cycle Staff Canteen - Canteen facilities are available for the staff at a nominal cost for lunch and supper.

Teas are provided for free. Event Functions - All functions for the hospital are catered for by the kitchen staff Housekeeping: The ambience of the hospital is of paramount importance. Dedicated staff continually make sure that wards, corridors and gardens are cleaned to a high standard. Laundry: The laundry service provides linen for the hospital’s wards and theatres. It operates a 24 hour service. Staff Identification: Cleaners (General Hands) - Green Uniforms Housekeepers - White Uniforms (Female Staff) & Navy Trousers and Blue Shirts (Male Staff) Kitchen Staff - White Uniforms (Female Staff), White Tops and Blue Trousers (Male Staff) & White Top and Navy Trousers (Head Chef)