Health Care Services

Avenues Clinic offers patients world-class medical specialist services in safe, comfortable and convenient surroundings. The medical specialist services available at Avenues Clinic include: Anaesthesiology, critical care, general surgery, neonatology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, paediatrics and outpatient services.

  1. Avenues Clinic offers the following medical facilities:
  2. Avenues Clinic offers quality medical care in comfortable units staffed by highly trained, professional and compassionate nursing, medical and other personnel
  3. Avenues Clinic has a number of dedicated units, which conform to the highest international standards
  4. Avenues Clinic has 5 operating theatres, which are equipped to international standards and staffed by highly trained and professional nursing, medical and other personnel. Avenues Clinic strives to offer patients personal attention and respect, and to protect patient's rights and dignity. The Avenues Clinic staff are committed, motivated and well-trained and provide supportive care to all patients, in a safe and caring environment.