Supplier List


1.       Supply and delivery of stationery.

2.       Supply and delivery of Medical and surgical supplies.

3.       Supply and delivery of Theatre equipment and consumables.

4.       Supply and delivery of Rehabilitation equipment and consumables.

5.       Supply and delivery of Medical Drugs, sundries and consumables.

6.       Supply and delivery of Theatre Detergents and Cleaning solutions.

7.       Supply and delivery of hardware, building materials, plumbing and electrical equipment.

8.       Supply and delivery of Workshop consumables.

9.       Supply and delivery of groceries and provisions.

10.   Supply and delivery of Office furniture, furniture accessories and equipment.

11.   Supply and delivery of tyres and tubes.

12.   Supply and delivery of printing services.

13.   Supply and delivery of protective clothing, corporate and footwear.

14.   Supply and delivery of computers, computer spares, computer consumables and all ICT and office related equipment.

15.   Supply and delivery of cleaning services.

16.   Recruiting and recruitment services.

17.   Supply, delivery and servicing of fire fighting equipment.

18.   Supply and delivery of repairs and maintenance services for computers, printers and other related office equipment.


19.   Provision of panel beating and spray painting services to vehicles.

20.   Provision of vehicle service, oil and lubricants, repairs and maintenance services.

21.   Provision of generators, repairs and servicing.

22.   Supply and delivery of Butchery products.

23.   Supply and delivery of Fruits and Vegetables.

24.   Supply of Petrol and Diesel using coupons and/or e-fuel card system.

25.   Provision of courier, removal and storages services.

26.   Supply and delivery of plant and equipment spares.

27.   Provision of Fumigation and Pest control Services and chemicals.

28.   Supply and delivery of toiletries and cleaning materials.

29.   Supply and delivery of Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and spares.

30.    Borehole and water pump services.

31.   Supply and delivery of catering equipment.

32.   Elevators service and maintenance.

33.   Advertising, banners, communications and print electronic media.

34.   Waste collection and archiving services.

35.   Shop fitters and Upholstery services.



 Interested suppliers (current and prospective) are expected to meet the following:

 a)      Must be VAT registered and have current tax clearance certificate (ITF263)

 b)      Must be prepared to allow inspection of premises.

 In addition to the above, current and prospective suppliers must submit a company profile including the following:


i)                    Letter of introduction.

ii)                   Company profile including directors’ physical and postal addresses

iii)                 Certified copy of certificate of incorporation.

iv)                 At least three trade references.

v)                  Physical business address including proof of such address.

vi)                 Telephone/ cell and fax numbers.

vii)                E-mail addresses.

viii)                Contact person or department.

ix)                 Bank details confirmed by the suppliers’ bankers.

x)                  CR14 form with listing of Directors.

xi)                 Payment terms.

xii)                Detailed list of products supplied.

xiii)                For cleaning chemical, suppliers Product Data Sheets (PDS) should be included.

xiv)              For Suppliers of Pharmaceutical products, provide valid MCAZ Wholesale Dealers’ Permit and Persons’ Licences.

xv)               Demonstrable ability, technical competence and capacity to deliver and meet order requirements


 Suppliers who wish to be considered in this exercise and meet the above criteria must submit their written application on or before 31 March 2017 to:

 The Procurement Committee       OR HAND DELIVER TO                 The Procurement Committee

 Medical Investment Limited                                                           Medical Investment Limited

 Avenues Clinic                                                                          Avenues Clinic

 P O Box 4880                                                                          Cnr Mazowe Street/ Baines Avenue

 Harare                                                                                    Harare