Our History

In The Beginning…

The Avenues Clinic was originally the brainchild of a Harare gynaecologist and obstetrician, whose initial plan was for a maternity home. A consortium of business leaders, however, took over the scheme, deciding to expand the vision to encompass a multi-faceted hospital that would complement government facilities. Avenues Clinic Under ConstructionThus Medical Investments Ltd (MIL) was founded. Shareholders were made up of local companies exhibiting a high corporate social responsibility.

Their faith in the concept more than proved itself with the hospital soon serving Harare, Zimbabwe and the region as a whole. The original design proposed that the clinic contain single rooms. However, it was soon realised that this was not feasible in Zimbabwe where 80 per cent of the private health sector was sustained by medical aid societies anxious to keep fees affordable for members. The rooms were turned into doubles, and there are now 187 beds in the clinic. As the

Avenues expanded, so did the need for more space. In the mid-1980s, MIL acquired an adjacent block of flats to house the accounts offices, and later the post-graduate nursing school. In 1990, the company bought the near-by Montagu Clinic, a tranquilly set clinic that caters mainly for ear, nose and throat day surgery in addition to laparascopic, ophthalmic and minor surgery.

The clinic has 29 beds and is able to handle overnight patients, and if necessary, the overflow from the Avenues. Five years later, St Clement’s Nursing Home in Baines Avenue was bought to complete the three units under MIL management. This operates as a post surgical and rehabilitation annexe of the Avenues, accepting both surgical and medical cases. MIL is run by a board under the chairmanship of Pearson Chitando, a Harare chartered accountant and businessman.

The other board members are: MacDonald Chaora, McLeod Chitiyo. Ian Harris, George Vera, Eugene Mlambo, Michael Suddens, Robert Ward and George Vera. The company continues to reinvest in capital equipment and a major US$1,800,000 refurbishment programme is currently underway.