Patient Information

Dear “Mother-to-be”,

Matron and the staff of the Avenues Clinic extend a warm welcome to you. Our Obstetric Ward is a modern, efficient unit, comparable to most international hospitals. The post-¬natal wards are bright, cheerful semi-private rooms, with toilet, shower/bath en-suite. There are two private rooms which are available on "first come first serve basis". Each 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month there is a Maternity orientation Talk and Tour, commencing at 1400 hours from Reception, and conducted by midwifes.

Please come and visit, in order that you “feel at home” when you come to have your baby. Guide To Mothers On Registration On Newly Born Infants (Issue Of Birth Certificates) The onus for obtaining an official Birth Certificate rests solely with the parent(s). Such Certificates are issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths. After the birth of your baby the Clinic will provide you with a BIRTH CONFIRMATION RECORD BD 1(a).

To complete a BIRTH RECORD BD 1(a) the Clinic staff will need to have sight of the mother’s Identity Card. Please ensure that it is presented to the Clinic, preferably on booking or on admission and also when the birth confirmation is being written. If the Identity Card is. not presented to the Clinic this section of BD 1(a) will not be completed. The BIRTH RECORD has to be presented to the Registrar of Births and Death when an official Birth Certificate is required. The Registrar is very strict about the names recorded on the BIRTH RECORD and may refuse to issue a Birth Certificate if there are any discrepancies noted.

The mother's names, (surname and first names), must appear exactly as they are on the I.D Card.There must be no spelling errors. Only when a mother is legally married will the “Married Surname” be entered on the Record.

The marriage certificate and the husband’s Identity Card must be presented to the Clinic staff for inspection. The name of the mother as registered by a Medical Aid Society is of no interest to the Registrar of Births. It is strongly recommended to mothers or parents that the names, date of delivery and sex of the baby recorded on the BIRTH CONFIRMATION RECORD are checked before the mother is discharged from the Clinic.

Mothers and parents are reminded that it is a legal requirement to obtain a Birth Certificate for their babies within 6 weeks of the birth. Hospital Admissions Checklist For mother A referral letter from your doctor (if applicable) Your Identity card or driver’s license Identity particulars (ID) of the medical scheme member if different to the patient Medical Aid membership card Any medication currently being taken X-rays, scans etc that may be relevant to treatment Hospital travel case or bag Sanitary pads Nursing bra Nipple shields and nipple cream Comfortable clothes with which to go home (for example, track suit and flat shoes) Slippers Underwear Nightdress and Dressing gown Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, facecloth, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, talc, perfume and hair dryer. Cases for eyeglasses or contact lenses and solution (if applicable) For Baby Baby soap and soap container Baby brush and comb Baby clothes with which to go home Do not bring large sums of money, jewellery or any other valuables to the hospital.