Casualty Unit

This unit is the prime point of entry to the Clinic and it is most vital for staff to be efficient, experienced and equipped to deal with any medical crisis. Patients arriving within the Clinic’s emergency wing are usually distressed, possibly confused and often in pain and our team of staff are always on the ready to deliver the best medical care.

The Avenues Clinic’s head of Accident and Emergency (A&E) and the Matron in charge of the department, are well aware of just how demanding their jobs are – as well as those under their supervision. For this reason, they recently reinforced triaging in the clinic’s Casualty, a method used the world over to assess immediately the degree of urgency of each patient’s condition on arrival in the department.

The department continuously carries out an in-house training programme, which highlights the importance of life-saving cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This makes the nursing staff alert to clinical changes in a patient, making them quick to act.

The A & E staff includes several part-time casualty officers (of necessity, all qualified doctors), a clinical matron, two charge sisters, four senior registered general nurses (RGN), twelve junior RGN’s, twelve nurse aides and eight Casualty Clerks.

Service in this unit is swift as every walk-in patient is considered to be at high risk and in need of emergency assistance.