St Clements Clinic

This is a division under the Medical Investments Limited group which focuses on chemotherapy. The unit is housed at 57 Baines Avenue and is available for cancer patients any time, day or night.

The facility is nestled within a clean environment with well maintained grounds offering 7 beds that comprise a locker, mobile drip stand and a cardiac table at each bed side. The unit is run by three (3) oncologists and is equipped with resuscitative equipment and competent staff in case of emergency.

Always on duty is also a competent pharmacy personnel who prepares the chemotherapy drugs in a laminar flow. The unit’s close proximity to the medical laboratory and radiology centers makes it convenient for the staff to take samples and send for results while you wait.

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St Clemence Clinic
57 Baines Ave,The Avenues Clinic, Harare

Tel: (+263  242) 735600, 735611, 761964