Let us introduce ourselves

Medical Investments Limited

Medical Investments Limited (MIL) is a healthcare services group which owns and operates several healthcare facilities. 

The facilities that are owned by the group include:

  • The Avenues Clinic 

Opened in 1983, this is the flagship facility for the MIL group. The hospital is  a fully integrated multi disciplinary facility with a total of 176 beds. Operating as a one stop medical hub, the hospital offers theatre facilities, all critical care facilities, Accident and Emergency unit, Surgical ward, Medical ward, maternity facilities and a pediatric unit. The hospital is located at Corner Baines and Josiah Chinamano Avenue.

  • St Clements Clinic 

Opened in 1995, this is a chemotherapy unit set up to assist cancer patients receiving treatment through chemotherapy. The unit offers a relaxed and peaceful environment for patients. Initially set up to cater for Private patients, the unit has seen a lot of patients receive treatment under the watchful eye of specialised nurses and doctors. This facility is located on 57 Baines Avenue and is available for patients any time day or night.

  • Montagu Clinic

Opened in 2021, this is a Covid-19 facility. The Clinic was set up in response to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic which hit the country in March of 2020. The facility is specially designed  to take care of the total management of patients suffering from Covid-19. This unit is located at 135 Josiah Tongogara Avenue.

  • The Avenues Clinic Laboratory

Opened in 2021, this is the pathological arm of the MIL group. The unit is located next to the Montagu Clinic at Twingabbles at 135 Josiah Tongogara.

  • The Avenues Clinic Retails Pharmacy  

Opened in 1983, this is a retail pharmacy open to outpatients and visitors to our Accident and Emergency unit. Strategically located just outside the Casualty unit for convenience, the retail pharmacy is open from 7am-7pm and is well stocked to adequately assist the medical needs of patients.

  • Baines Imaging Group 

Medical Investments Limited (MIL) group owns a 45% stake in Baines Imaging Group(BIG). This arm of the business oversees all radiology services offered at the hospital. The radiology facilities available at the hospital through BIG include CT Scanning, X-rays, MRI scanning and  Mammography.