Surgical Ward

The Surgical Unit is a 34-bed ward situated on the 2nd floor North Wing. It is manned by highly competent nursing staff that is led by a qualified Sister-In-Charge.

The working nurse-patient ratio is 1:5, however this can be reduced depending on the condition of the patients being looked after. The ward offers surgical nursing to trauma patients as well as pre and post operative care to gynaecological, general surgery and cardiothoracic patients. Highly technical equipment is used to monitor patients and, should they request it. Television sets are now available in all rooms. The first floor surgical ward now also houses the paediatric surgical wing.

The Orthopeadic / Neurosurgical Unit Situated on the first floor South Wing, the Orthopeadic and Neurosurgical Unit has a 34-bed capacity. It is manned by a highly experienced nursing staff who are very well versed in the nursing care of major orthopaedic and neurological operations.

A multi-disciplinary approach is applied by incorporating physio, and occupational therapists in order to facilitate early rehabilitation and provide optimum recovery of patients.

Touch is of utmost priority in the unit as most patients are bed ridden. This enchances the quality of care rendered as well as the comfort of the patients.